Commercial Real Estate Transactions

As a business owner, you depend on a solid foundation on which to build your business. The property that you choose to help support and build your business is open to unique challenges that may not be seen in the rest of the title insurance industry. We’ve seen it all. You deserve quality service, and a high level of expertise, to find the best solutions before these challenges arise. Hemisphere Title will protect you and your real estate assets against unexpected losses, while providing you with customized solutions based on your business needs. Let us protect your business, so you can focus on growing your business’ success.

We can provide title insurance for all types of commercial real estate properties:

• Office Buildings
• Industrial buildings
• Shopping centers
• Commercial apartment buildings
• Hotels
• Vacant commercial land
• Leased commercial properties

Whether you are expanding your business, or starting something new, you need to protect your business from risk. Without title insurance, your property could be vulnerable to unexpected expenses ranging from losses from fraud, potential compliance issues, or others. Investing in a title insurance premium can give commercial property owners huge benefits in the long run, potentially saving you thousands of dollars, a lot of valuable time, and team resources. We want to help you focus on what you do best, growing your business.

Other Services

All these services plus many more depending on your needs in a courteous, efficient, and friendly atmosphere. We want you to feel at “Home” in our offices. The expertise we offer will make your transaction smooth and worry free.

Extra Services

* RON (Remote Online Notary)

* Licensed throughout the State of Florida

* Mobile Closings, Bi-Lingual

* Encrypted platform & emails

* Notaries

* Secure Settlement Registered Agent

* Multiple licensed title agents on staff.