Provide Surveys

At Hemisphere Title, we are equipped to provide our clients with a survey of their current or new property.

The survey is not a required document for purchasers, but it is important and should be considered when buying a property. It is a drawing of a property that outlines the measurements and boundaries of the land and structure being purchased. The survey details specific locations of buildings or structures on the land in relation to the dimensions of the lot. Surveys will also illustrate any additions or improvements to the land, such as easements for rights-of-way, pools, and even fences on the property. Essentially, the survey tells the owner what exactly they own on the property.

Many mortgage lenders will often require that the property purchaser obtain a new survey as a condition of the purchase. This is for the lender to ensure that its investment, and exactly what their investment includes, will be protected if for any unexpected reason they must sell the property to collect an outstanding debt if, for example, the mortgage loan goes into default.

While some property owners may have a survey on hand, their copy may be outdated depending on what improvements or additions they have made during the time of their property ownership. For this reason, we recommend that property purchasers request and receive an up-to-date survey, or allow Hemisphere Title to complete a new survey on their behalf. Note that if you purchase a new home, the builder will typically provide you with a brand new survey.

Other Services

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Extra Services

* RON (Remote Online Notary)

* Licensed throughout the State of Florida

* Mobile Closings, Bi-Lingual

* Encrypted platform & emails

* Notaries

* Secure Settlement Registered Agent

* Multiple licensed title agents on staff.