Settlement Services

When you have found the perfect property for your family or your business, and the seller accepts your offer, there are still several steps to be completed. For new and experienced property purchasers alike, using Hemisphere Title’s settlement services can be the most time efficient way to help complete the remaining steps in the transaction.

Hemisphere Title’s settlement services allows our team to work with both the purchaser and the seller in the transaction, becoming involved in a variety of activities involved in their closing process.

Along with providing title insurance, Hemisphere Title will prepare for and attend the closing. This may include scheduling the settlement, preparing and sending out settlement notices, and also attending the closing at a designated location and ensuring time is set aside to review and explain title and mortgage lender documents to you, the purchaser.

As your transaction settlement team, we are also able to assist your lender in clearing mortgage conditions, ensuring deposits are received and credited at closing. We will also assist in preparing the new deed which conveys the property to you, the purchaser, and we will record this new deed and mortgage with the appropriate County Recorder of Deeds.

Other Services

All these services plus many more depending on your needs in a courteous, efficient, and friendly atmosphere. We want you to feel at “Home” in our offices. The expertise we offer will make your transaction smooth and worry free.

Extra Services

* RON (Remote Online Notary)

* Licensed throughout the State of Florida

* Mobile Closings, Bi-Lingual

* Encrypted platform & emails

* Notaries

* Secure Settlement Registered Agent

* Multiple licensed title agents on staff.